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October 2017

Message from the President


Homecoming was held this week at Northstar Academy. It is always an exciting event - all of our students from kindergarten through Career Academy and our alumni march proudly in our parade. Our seniors are celebrated; each receives a crown and some well-worded accolades by our Upper School English Teacher, Mr. Latham. Parents, grandparents, faculty and staff also join in together to celebrate our students and our school. There are food trucks, games and even a bouncy house. It is a time for our whole community to join together, enjoy each other's company and celebrate!

We also have a wonderful VAFRE community and each month we gather together to share our experiences, expertise and enjoy each other's company. We also celebrate each other's achievements and we recently "crowned" those who have reached benchmark year anniversaries.

We also have the opportunity to "crown" our 2018 Award Winners, Nina Abady and Rising Star. Each year we ask our members to nominate our colleagues for these prestigious VAFRE awards. Usually, several members gather together and complete the application. It is a time to celebrate our shared profession and VAFRE. You will find the nomination forms linked on the News page. I encourage you to join in with some of our colleagues and submit your nomination!

Our Annual Awards Luncheon will be held in April. It will be a time for our whole community to join together, enjoy each other's company and celebrate! I love how life is full circle!

Thank you for all you do for VAFRE. I am truly honored to be your president this year.



Lynne Berkness,
2017-2018 VAFRE President

New Members

Jennifer Cornell, Curry School of Education Foundation, university of Virginia

Judy Frederick, Virginia Community College System

Ali Mislowski, Virginia Public Access Project

Jill Mountcastle, Liberation Veteran Services

Julia Ratliff, Virginia Foundation for Community College Education

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One of VAFRE’s goals--and privileges--is to recognize and celebrate the exemplary work of our colleagues. Now is the time to elevate those who inspire us daily, with a nomination for VAFRE’s Rising Star or Nina Abady Awards for fundraising excellence.

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