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March 2018

New Members

Malcolm Jones, Rebuilding Together of Richmond

Mary-Harvard Nolde, Richmond Montessori School

Barbara Wells, SPARC

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VAFRE Ambassadors Needed

    Do you remember the first person you met when you came to a VAFRE meeting? I bet you do, and our new members will remember you if you volunteer to serve as an Ambassador. 

    The Ambassador program is an effort to engage new members in VAFRE by pairing them with a current member for the first three months of their membership to help them get acquainted with other members and become involved in the life of VAFRE.

    Both the new members and the Ambassadors have been singing the praises of the program. If you are a VAFRE veteran who would like to help new members make the most of their VAFRE experience, contact  Will Glasco at 804-648-1889 ext. 303.

      Upcoming Events
      Non-Profit or Nonprofit?

      How do you spell non-profit? Or nonprofit?  Fund-raising or Fundraising?  Answer – there are no hyphens in either word – easy to remember!  Russ Cargo, who started Especially for Nonprofits at VCU, was the spelling keeper for these words.  Almost 13 years ago I called him to ask how to spell nonprofit and fundraising, and he “officially” turned over the job as spelling keeper for these words to me now that he has retired. 

      Kathy Laing,
      Program Manager, Institute on Philanthropy

      Message from the President


        Some of you may know that my family adopts retired racing greyhounds. We just lost one, Paxton, last week - he had bone cancer-  and I am still aching a bit with his loss. We still have Daisy who continues to look around for her buddy. I have a feeling we will adopt another one soon. All in all, we have adopted six greyhounds and have fostered more than 40  over the last 13 years or so. They come in all sizes and colors and their personalities range from absolutely petrified to "I've never met a stranger." They come up from the track having never walked up stairs, never been in a home and honestly never been treated as a pet. We have blue tape across our sliding glass doors because the greyhounds will walk into them since they have never seen glass before. Some are easily house trained; some are not. Some like squeaky toys; some are fearful. Some like to cuddle; others prefer their own separate space. And that is what keeps it all so interesting These greyhounds are all so different and it is such fun to delve in, get to know them and see how best to nurture them. Truth be told, I fall in love with each and every one of them.

        I had someone ask me last week what I liked most about Development/Fundraising and the answer came so quickly and easily to me. I love the relationships - getting to know our donors and families - in my case, students, parents, grandparents, folks out in the community who care about Northstar Academy and our mission. I have not found any magic formula that applies to all because, as you know, everyone is different. Some like email correspondence; others only want written notes. Some are early risers; others would never attend my annual "Rise and Shine" Breakfast. Some like to fund very specific programs; others say "put it where you need it most." Some contribute like clockwork; others are unpredictable. And that is what keeps it all so interesting. Our donors are all so different and it is such fun to delve in, get to know them and see how best to nurture them. And, truth be told, while I don't fall in love with them, I do enjoy the wonderful relationships which are created.

        See you at the Awards Luncheon on April 17!


        Lynne Berkness,
        2017-2018 VAFRE President

        Celebrate VAFRE's 2018 Award Winners!

        Lisa Tait of the Community Idea Stations is the 2018 Nina Abady Award winner and Susan Norkus of the Institute for Contemporary Art at VCU is the Rising Star Award winner.

        Both honorees will be recognized at the Annual Awards Luncheon on April 17th at the Woman's Club at the Bolling-Haxall House. To read more about Lisa and Susan, or for details on sponsoring the luncheon or purchasing tickets, click here. 


        women in Philanthropy Panel Presentation

        Join VAFRE on May 1st for a lively discussion with three women who are active in local philanthropy. Nancy Belleman,   Marilyn West, and Elizabeth Krusen have served as volunteers, donors, board members and advocates for a wide range of non-profits.  They bring their experience to VAFRE to respond to the national statistics regarding women in philanthropy through the lens of their own experiences - both good and bad.

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