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Virginia Association of Fundraising Executives

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VAFRE E-news, June 2022

VAFRE is proud to be a participating organization with CFRE International. Members receive a 20% discount on certification and recertification.

The next application deadline is TOMORROW January 15th.

Member News

Members, do you have recent news you'd  like to share? Details on an upcoming charitable event for your organization? A book you've published? A recent promotion? Log in and post it on the Member News page of the website and let the rest of the VAFRE community know. The most recent posts will also show up on the Home page and the News page of the website.


Need Help with Your Dues?

The Susan Early Scholarship Fund is available to new and renewing VAFRE members to cover the cost of your dues. To apply for a scholarship, follow the link in the member application or, for current members, follow the link on the Members Only page.

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Welcome New Members!

  • Heather Garrett, Virginia Home for Boys & Girls 
  • Tazjia Harris, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Kiaya Lynn, Richmond Symphony
  • Megan Newman, Humanitru
  • Zoe Thomas, Richmond Symphony

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      2022-2023 Budget Approved

      VAFRE works hard to keep expenses in check and meet the needs and expectations of our members by providing programs and services of the highest quality possible. 

      So what are the highlights of the 2022-2023 VAFRE budget?

      • Dues rates and registration fees are staying the same. This will be the 10th year that we have been able to keep dues at the same level!
      • We are offering a virtual season pass for those who want to prepay for all of the webinars for the year. We’ll also add a registration option for these individuals to “upgrade” to in-person registration if they want to in a particular month.
      • For the first time in over a decade, the cost to post a job opening will be increasing this year. Members will now be asked to pay $50 instead of $35 for each posting while nonmembers will be charged $100 instead of $75.
      • We are pleased to continue as a CFRE Partner Organization for the coming year. Among other benefits, this partnership offers all VAFRE members a 20% discount off of their certification and re-certification fees.

      Budgeted revenue for the year is $73,044.00, budgeted expenses are $72,096.00, leaving a net income for the year of $948.00.


      Brown Bag Program Planned July 12th

      Join your friends and colleagues for purposeful discussion topics designed to get you thinking as VAFRE's popular summer Brown Bag session makes a return. A you-pick-two format, be prepared to choose from: Getting Unstuck: Start wit the Heart (Leslee Gensinger, VCU Learning, Development, and Organizational Culture); Be a Boss! (Lindsay Robinson, Northstar Academy); Find Your Spirit Hero: A Mindfulness Exercise for Fundraisers (Dr. Chad Krouse, VCU University Development); and How to Find Balance, Beat Burnout and Live Happier (Erin Correa, Correa & Associates). Each moderator will lead a 30 minute discussion with an opening lesson.

      There is no fee to register for this event. Participants are encouraged to bring their own lunch, or order a sandwich from VAFRE for a fee. An assortment of sodas and water will be provided.


      From the President

      Hello fellow VAFRE members! 

      As this is my last note as VAFRE President, I am going to end as I started with more gratitude in the form of a story. At our luncheon last week, Will Glasco kindly reminded me of my early days in VAFRE, which were not that long ago. I began with a summer "Brown Bag" at the invitation of Jane Helfrich. Jane thought I needed VAFRE, and she couldn't have been more correct. I had found my fundraising family, which I am continually grateful for. I was hooked. 

      Shortly thereafter, as I tend to do, I wanted to get more involved, and the membership committee sounded interesting and not as daunting as "programs" or "communications." The membership committee was large but friendly and Samantha Charlet and Jennie Romero welcomed me warmly and made me feel at home. I was blown away by how intentional the group was and how seriously they took their task, growing and maintaining membership, so I continued on. 

      Around this time, I met other great fundraisers like Ruth Modlin Ellett with her witty southern charm and Nick Sollog with his "lybunt" and "sybunt" lingo coupled with a great collection of bow ties. I was amazed that these folks would be so warm and kind.

      Sometime later, I was once again sitting with Jane Helfrich at a meeting where James Wasilewski mentioned that nominations were open for board members. Jane nudged me with her elbow and kindly informed me of my next move, even though I doubt she remembers the brief encounter. Really, I was already taking a mental note to seek nomination, another one of my better life decisions. 

      My early experience on our board was so great. James and then Jenn O'Rourke were excellent Board Presidents to serve under, instilling a productive and inclusive environment that spurred great conversations. During this time, I had the pleasure of getting to know Harry Warner who was serving the board as the Treasurer as well as a steady guiding presence.

      Around this time, I came to P3. Wow, what a fabulous program! Small ongoing group meetings with the best of the best in development, what is there not to like? This is where I got the pleasure of knowing Dave Johnson, Samantha Marrs, David Thomason, and Maureen Neal as wonderful mentors, plus a host of fellow mentees that I still meet with regularly. What a fabulous program!  I loved it so much I became the P3 Chairperson, continuing to work with Samantha Marrs and my friend Alan Hutson.  Can you tell I am a big fan of P3?

      This long story is getting too long, so I am going to skip right along. The pandemic began, and I watched Robinette Tiller skillfully navigate VAFRE through those many decisions, keeping the ship so steady.  I was taking notes as Vice President throughout that entire crazy year. Robinette really was the best person to be running VAFRE at that time, which was truly amazing to observe. Thank you, Robinette. You were so great in a very tough time for everyone. 

      My time as President has been amazing; tough at times when pandemic decisions were (are) still looming, but most of all so rewarding. I cannot say how much I am continually amazed by the outstanding committee chairs we have in VAFRE as well as the great people who help behind the scenes. 

      Speaking of behind the scenes, I have to give an extra large thank you to Mary Kidd. Mary really made my time as President so much easier. She is the keeper of knowledge, facts, and logistics; her institutional knowledge of VAFRE is so deep, which is key to a great organization. Thank you, Mary.

      Well, if you have gotten this far, you are probably thinking that I am dropping a lot of names in here, and I am... for a reason. I name dropped each person because they have meant so much to me over the last few years in VAFRE. I call them my friends, and I would do anything to help any one of them. I wanted their names in this last note, so I could properly thank them and highlight their contribution to this fantastic organization. 

      So, finally, I thank you as members of VAFRE for smiling back at me when I took the podium and nervously gave my comments each month. Thank you for being so understanding while we continue to navigate the "new normal," as it applies to VAFRE.  THANK YOU ALL!


      David Sams,
      VAFRE President


      VAFRE will celebrate our 9th class of P3 graduates when we gather on Wednesday, June 22nd at Special Olympics Virginia for our year-end celebration.

      All P3 Alumni, including past group leaders, as well as the VAFRE Board are invited to attend this celebration.

      Early registration is also now available for the 2022-2023 Professional Partnership Program. Click here for complete details and to register


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