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Professional Partnership Program (P3)

Program Overview:

The Professional Partnership Program (P3) will offer VAFRE members an annual opportunity to develop more extensive professional skills and understanding through an optional and self-supporting program. Small groups of approximately 6-8 people (the Partners) which will meet periodically with 2 highly experienced facilitators (the Leaders). VAFRE’s goal is that each team’s Leaders would consist of a male and a female. 

Each group will meet, under the guidance of the Leaders, a minimum for 4 times between October 1 and May 31. Leaders may arrange additional sessions if they desire and the group wishes to do so. 

The purpose of each P3 group is to encourage discussion and comment on those job-related concerns of greatest interest to each group. Issues and topics for each session will be solicited in advance and facilitated by the Leaders. Because of the rather informal nature of this program, it is not expected that participation will qualify for accreditation required for the CFRE certificate.  

The administrative and operational expenses of P3 will be underwritten by a non-refundable annual participation fee paid by Partners. Fees will be paid to VAFRE and do not benefit Leaders, except for the reimbursement of expenses associated with group sessions.

The P3 Program is exclusively sponsored by
West Avenue Associates, LLC.

Apply Now for the
2018-2019 P3!

Applications received prior to July 1 are eligible for a discounted registration of $50. From July 1, the fee will be $75.


Leaders will be responsible for all communications with their groups as well as for all materials needed for sessions.   Up to $200 in costs, (materials, food, etc,) per group will be reimbursed by submitting receipts to Mary Kidd at 

Check request forms are available here.

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