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VAFRE 2022-2023 Professional Partnership Program

  • Thursday, September 01, 2022
  • 7:00 PM
  • Friday, September 30, 2022
  • 11:30 PM
  • not applicable


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Part  ner : one that shares

Are you new to fund development or would you like to enhance your professional skill sets?  If you answered “YES’ then VAFRE has great news for you!

The Professional Partnership Program (P3), now entering it's tenth year, offers VAFRE members the opportunity for small groups (the Partners) to meet a minimum of four times with two highly experienced facilitators (the Leaders) between October and June. 

The Professional Partnership Program will encourage discussion and comment on job-related concerns of greatest interest to each group as identified by the participant applications. Issues and topics for each session will be solicited in advance and facilitated by the Leaders.

Registrations and all Necessary Documentation should be received by end of day September 1st.

Thanks to E.L. Freeman and The Monument Group for their sponsorship of this program.


The Concept: 

The Professional Partnership Program is an optional supplement to VAFRE’s current and ongoing offerings and is intended to meet the expressed interest of the membership in an initiative that will more formally link the most experienced VAFRE members with those members seeking to learn from their experiences. P3 will offer VAFRE members an annual opportunity to develop more extensive professional skills and understanding through an optional and self-supporting program that will organize small groups (the Partners) which meet periodically with two highly experienced facilitators (the Leaders). 

Each group will meet a minimum for 4 times between October 1 and May 31 under the guidance of the Leaders.  Additional sessions may be arranged at the discretion of the Leaders.   The purpose of each P3 group is to encourage discussion and comment on those job-related concerns of greatest interest to each group.  Issues and topics for each session will be solicited in advance and facilitated by the Leaders.   Because of the rather informal nature of this program, it is not expected that participation will qualify for accreditation required for the CFRE certificate.  The administrative and operational expenses of PPP will be underwritten by a non-refundable annual participation fee paid by Partners; such fees will be paid to VAFRE and will not benefit Leaders, except in providing reimbursement for expenses associated with group sessions.


P3 Organization

Under the auspices of VAFRE, 2-3 teams of Leaders will be identified and selected.  Each team would consist of 2 individuals who are specifically chosen from the VAFRE membership for their demonstrated experience and success in conducting fundraising activities on behalf of at least two (2) recognized non-profit organizations/institutions and have achieved the position of chief advancement officer, that person ultimately responsible for the direction and success of all fundraising activities.  Each Leader team will bring relevant experience, including both specific fundraising program direction and management responsibility.  The emphasis in selecting Leaders is to favor those who have had extensive front-line (in the trenches) fundraising and management experience.

The Leaders will be responsible to VAFRE for organizing and directing 4 group sessions annually with their assigned Partners.  Leaders may exercise their discretion over the time, duration and venue of such sessions, but they will be separate from VAFRE’s established membership meetings.  Individual meetings and consultations between Leaders and Participants is solely at the discretion of the Leader, but are not included under the program’s auspices.

P3 Partners will be expected to apply for Program participation annually, with the completion of a short on-line application provided by VAFRE.   Such application will detail the applicants’ interests and desired expectations for P3 participation.  There will be no more than 8 Partners per team.



In consideration of their participation, Partners will pay a non-refundable $75 annual fee (discounted to $50 prior to July 31), payable to VAFRE, to underwrite the administrative and meeting expenses of each group.  The fee must be paid in full in advance of the first group session.  They will not be charged any additional fees for their participation.  P3 Leaders will not be compensated for their service to VAFRE in this capacity, but can secure reimbursement of reasonable meeting expenses. 

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