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P3 Applications Due by 9/15

Wednesday, September 06, 2017 2:39 PM | Mary Kidd, CMP, CAE (Administrator)

Now is your opportunity to register for the new year of VAFRE's Professional Partnership Program! Applications must be received by September 15th.

In four years 54 members have participated in the P3 program, which offers VAFRE members an annual opportunity to develop more extensive professional skills and understanding. Each group meets to discuss job-related concerns they have identified as of the greatest interest. The most succinct description I’ve heard of the program to date is “the cheapest group therapy available.” 

Beginning July 1st, the fee increased to $75 per year, but at that price it's still, as one participant noted, "the cheapest therapy in town." 

Click here for an application, or read more below.

What is P3?

The purpose of P3 is to provide an annual opportunity for VAFRE members to develop more extensive professional skills.  A team of two or more highly seasoned and experienced volunteer Leaders will guide small groups of approximately five to seven people (the Participants).

What makes P3 so unique?

Participants will complete an application form that provides information about their professional goals.  In addition participants will be encouraged to identify specific areas of interest – such as the annual fund, working with the development committee, managing your boss for fundraising, building relationships with program staff etc.  From this information a preliminary identification of topics of most interest will be shared with Leaders.  From there, however, it is up to each individual group to determine those job-related topics of greatest interest.  Because of the informal nature of P3, it is not expected that participation will qualify for accreditation required by the CFRE certificate.    

How does the program work?

The goal is that each group will meet with their Leaders a minimum of six times between October 1 and May 31.  It is recommended that each session be two hours in length.  Leaders or participants may arrange additional sessions if they desire and of interest to the group.  Groups will decide when, where, and the time of day/evening that is most convenient for them.

Leaders are responsible for all communications with their groups as well as for all materials needed for sessions.  Leaders will prepare to the fullest extent possible for each session as well as handle any follow-up that is needed.  Leaders will provide best practices and advice based on their experience.  However, Participants will be asked to sign a document which will hold Leaders harmless in the application of this advice/best practice. 

What is the cost?

The fee for each participant is $75 effective July 1, 2017.  Fees are paid to VAFRE and are intended to cover the out-of-pocket expenses of the sessions and do not benefit the Leaders.

Who or what group is responsible for P3?

Ultimately the VAFRE Board is responsible for the P3 program.  The P3 program is a subcommittee of the VAFRE Program committee.  This year’s program chair is Nick Sollog of The Sollog Group.  Corey Humphrey, VAFRE Board member and Director of Development at the Virginia Mentoring Partnership, is the chair of this year’s P3 Program.

What are the qualifications of the Leaders?

Most of all, Leaders must be passionate about the unique concept of P3 and willing to be flexible and responsive to the interests of their group.  Secondly, there is an emphasis in selecting leaders who have had extensive front-line (in the trenches) fundraising and management experience.  To be considered, a prospective Leader should have the following experience:

  • A minimum of ten years as a development professional
  • Demonstrated experience and management responsibilities in one or more areas of the following: annual fund, membership acquisition, major gifts, planned giving, corporate/foundation relationships, donor stewardship.
  • Held a supervisory position that was ultimately responsible for the direction and success of fundraising activities
  • Created, managed budgets
  • Held positions that reported to the organization’s most senior professional (president, executive director, board of trustees)
  • Worked closely with volunteer leadership including the board of trustees and/or the development committee.

If you would be interested in serving as a team leader, click here for the informational form or e-mail Mary Kidd at


 Contact P3 Chair Corey Humphrey.

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Thanks to our exclusive P3 sponsor, West Avenue Associates, for their support of the program! 

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